Your daily routine feels monotonous and you start wondering if you should go on a holiday? Here are 5 signs you desperately need a break from whatever you’re doing.

1. You feel drained at work.

Feeling overwhelmed or easily agitated at your workplace? It’s the sign you have reached the point of burnout. Take some time off to refresh your mind and recharge from your demanding jobs. If you’re worried you might come back to an exploding inbox after a long holiday, take some short ones. They can do wonders too!

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2. Your suitcases are collecting dusts.

If your luggage bags have been sitting at one corner of your room for more than a year, it’s probably time to dust off and bring them hit the road again. After all, there’s always enough space for another travel sticker. Pretty sure many of you miss the excitement and anxiety of packing for a trip too.

3. You watch with envy as your friends set off to somewhere new.

From the moment your friends touched down at the airport, you’ve been checking out their travel stories on social media. You’re envious of the new places they’ve visited and lip-smacking foods they’ve tried. If you’ve been wishing you were there, it’s the sign you need a holiday. And as soon as you can!

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4. You’ve been watching travel videos and saying “I want to go there!”.  

Wish you could jet off to your dream destination right away after watching a travel clip? We feel you. The desire to explore can indeed make one feel restless. Now that many countries have eased their travel restrictions, perhaps it’s time to book that flight ticket and fulfill your wanderlust.

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5. You feel excited whenever you see a travel deal.

Travel deals often trigger your wanderlust? Don’t resist it. You can always plan your vacation ahead and save tons of moolah on flights and accommodations. Ultimately, you get to see more, eat more, and stay better too.

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Everything sounds kind of familiar? Don’t wait till you have time to book your next trip.
Holiday is a necessity. Give yourself a well-earned break!

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