Berjaya Langkawi Resort, nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Langkawi, took a meaningful step towards community outreach by organising an Iftar evening for special students and orphans on 27 March 2024.

A total of 157 special students, accompanied by their dedicated teachers and caregivers were in attendance from various educational institutions and orphanages. These included:

  • SMK Tunku Putra with 34 special students and 11 teachers
  • SMK Kedawang with 41 special students and 12 teachers
  • SK Ulu Melaka with 39 special students and 12 teachers
  • SK Selat Bagan Nyior with 12 special students and 7 teachers
  • Anjung Kasih Langkawi Orphanage with 7 orphans and 2 caretakers
  • SMK Ayer Hangat with 24 special students and 8 teachers

The event, held at the resort’s premises, commenced at 6:30pm, extending heartfelt hospitality to the children. The evening unfolded with a series of activities aimed at fostering joy, inclusivity, and the spirit of Ramadan.

Among the highlights of the evening were the traditional breaking of fast meal, followed by Maghrib prayers led by esteemed religious leaders. A special mention goes to Cikgu Zalila, Penolong Kanan Pedidikan Khas from SMK Tunku Putra who arranged for one of the special students to mark the breaking of fast, adding a poignant touch to the occasion.

As the sun set over Langkawi’s serene horizon, attendees were treated to heartwarming performances by the students, showcasing their talents and creativity.

One of the most anticipated moments of the evening was the distribution of duit raya, symbolising the spirit of giving and generosity inherent in the Ramadan season. Each child received tokens of love and support to brighten their festive celebrations.

Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

“We are deeply honoured to have hosted such a meaningful Iftar for these special children. Witnessing the smiles on their faces and the sense of belonging they experienced truly touched our hearts. As a Resort deeply ingrained in the local community, we are committed to using our resources and facilities to create moments of joy and togetherness. We are grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact and look forward to continuing our efforts to support those in need,” expressed Adrian Chung, Area General Manager of Berjaya Hotels & Resorts.

The event underscored Berjaya Langkawi Resort’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and its dedication to making a positive impact on society. As Langkawi’s premier hospitality destination, the Resort continues to spearhead initiatives that embody compassion, inclusivity, and solidarity with the local community.

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